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The AIR Consultant, owned and operated by Liesa Elliott, provides air permitting and compliance services to industries throughout the USA, and for clients with foreign projects under World Bank environmental review. Ms. Elliott specializes in permit strategy, permit application, air dispersion modeling, and meteorological data collection/ review/ processing. Since 1992, she has trained air permitting professionals in industry, consulting and government — for related air service specialties, such as Title III risk management plans or accident impact and response planning, she has formed strategic alliances with excellent companies that share her high standards in meeting client requirements.

  • Air Permitting Strategy — upfront planning on existing facilities, proposed modifications and expansions, and new start projects. Critical environmental decisions which determine project capital expenditures or delays are supported with our air permit scope of work, timeline, and resource assessment. Project-specific interpretations of changing environmental regulations for Management. Strategies for immediate project with protection of air rights for future growth.
  • Air Dispersion Modeling — perform air dispersion modeling for any pollutant or release type required under federal and state regulations. Existing source Title V compliance, hazardous pollutants, New Source Review, PSD, non-attainment, and RCRA risk assessment. Expert in all EPA and state models and methods. Completed CALPUFF model professional training.
  • Meteorological Services — professional meteorologists prepare siting plans compliant with EPA and state regulations for PSD monitoring. Equipment specification, cost estimating, remote data collection, audits, calibration and data processing.
  • Title V Permit Applications — preparation or client support of all five major parts of Title V in any state - facility description with emission inventory, applicable regulations, compliance status, compliance schedule, and alternative operating scenarios. Turnkey or close support to client in preparing first submittal with client preparation of subsequent sites.
  • State Health Effects — demonstrate compliance for operational emissions of hazardous or toxic pollutants identified by state regulations with ambient standards for health effects or odor levels.
  • Risk Assessments — prepare detailed wet and dry deposition analysis for multi-path risk assessments using latest EPA guidance and models. Training of EPA and state staff on dispersion modeling for deposition.
Liesa Elliott, Consulting Meteorologist
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