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The AIR Consultant, founded by Liesa Elliott in 2001, is a woman-owned small business based just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, offering air permitting and compliance services to energy, chemical, cement, aluminum, natural gas, and construction industries around the USA.

We make use of the preferred EPA atmospheric dispersion model, AERMOD, in addition to other state and local models in order to estimate the impacts of a facility's operations — both the immediate geographic area and the required vicinity per regulatory guidelines. By using the recommended and appropriate model, along with site-specific emissions, terrain, and meteorological data, we can simulate the dispersion of air pollutants emitted from a facility to determine impacts on the community and nearby sensitive receptors.


Liesa Elliott began her professional environmental career over thirty years ago specializing in permitting under the first Clean Air Act with its subsequent congressional, regulatory, and court-ordered interpretations. She has developed progressive environmental management proficiency with four firms — as an environmental consultant, instructor, and environmental software support at BEE Services, Inc. (BEE-LINE Software) from 1992 through 1996; as an air quality specialist and director of air quality marketing at Benchmark Environmental Consultants through 1998; as senior air specialist and consultant at The Air Group - Dallas through 2001; and currently as sole proprietor of her woman-owned consulting company for the past twenty years.

Ms. Elliott obtained her formal technical education at the University of Wisconsin, where she graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science. She has managed numerous environmental analyses and permit applications compliant with both federal and state regulations. She also has completed air modeling analyses for human health and ecological risk assessments for EPA Regions IV and IV. Clients include EPA and the military, energy, ethanol, chemical, cement, aluminum, natural gas, construction, and hazardous waste industries. Her focus is to provide select clients with senior-level permit and dispersion modeling expertise to complement their existing engineering and environmental staff in meeting critical regulatory deadlines, and to assist in developing and implementing cost-effective solutions.

Liesa Elliott, Consulting Meteorologist
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